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What Happens

If you have decided that canine massage therapy will be of benefit to your dog please contact Tracy via email or telephone from the contacts page.

Prior to a massage session being booked for your dog veterinary consent will be required. This is so that Tracy can work within veterinary regulations. A covering letter will also be given to the vet to explain what massage therapy is and how it works.


Initial consultation - This takes around 90 minutes and will include a discussion about the issues you have noticed or the reason for you seeking massage therapy. A gait analysis, palpation test (muscle test) and the first massage; will also be done during this consultation.


Following this a management guide will be given and a follow up appointment will be booked if required. Full details will also be sent to your veterinary surgeon at the end of the course of treatments (1-3 sessions in total).

In some cases maintenance sessions may be booked depending on your dog and their requirements.