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We have a Springer Spaniel cross who suffers from swimmer’s tail (a sprain in the tail).Since he started to suffer from this he was very reluctant to engage in play with our second dog and us.


Since he has undergone a course of treatment with Tracy, he has been a different dog. Tracy was fantastic with him and really put him at ease, as he was a bit nervous at first. Tracy explained what canine massage was and gave us plenty of information on how to care for our dog when the massage was completed.


He now plays constantly out on a walk; and we get tired of playing ball long before he does. Both our dogs now play together and it is a joy to watch. He is a very happy dog, who still loves swimming and is no longer in pain.


Although he has completed his course of treatment we found it so beneficial he is still having massages, it is now used as prevention for his swimmers tail. We are so happy with the results and benefits we are arranging for our second dog to start having massages.


She is a large dog whose breed is prone to hip problems, so this will be used as a preventative step.

We would really recommend canine massage and can’t recommend Tracy enough.


Mr and Mrs Wilkinson








Unfortunately our 3 year old Collie X had to have her rear leg amputated last year – March 2013. While having her Physio at the referral centre the physiotherapist advised us to have a hands on approach with Mads, feeling for lumps and bumps. So when Tracy approached us about using Mads as a case study, we jumped at the opportunity. Tracy visited Mads on 3 separate occasions.


Tracy always works in a quiet and calm manner, making a point of introducing herself to the dog on the floor before getting down to the nitty gritty!


While working on Mads, Tracy will explain to me what she is doing and why and will answer any questions I may have.


Due to Mads' Collie attitude she loves to work. We compete in the TD Rally, but with a quiet trial schedule over the winter, we have just treated Mads to a well-deserved massage session with Tracy.

Mads will need on-going maintenance sessions to help keep her in good condition along with the added supplements that have been recommended by Tracy.


Tracy has explained to us what injuries Mads is likely to incur when:

  • Mads loves swimming, so she is going to suffer strains in her armpits. So encourage her to free swim rather than chasing a ball because this can result in slipping.
  • Jumping on the sofa and into the car.
  • Mads now has a solid box that she steps on to, to help her on the sofa. Also Tracy has recommended a ramp for the car.
  • We have also put carpet runners down the house
    to prevent slipping.

Tracy has also encouraged me to massage Mads myself following the canine massage DVD for beginners.


I can’t recommend Tracy highly enough. Her knowledge and professionalism has not only helped Mads recover but will hopefully also keep her supple and fluid for many years to come.


Sue Read