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Tracy qualified as a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist in 2013 after studying for 2 years under Natalie Lenton of The Canine Massage Therapy Centre. She is now proficient in several disciplines of massage; including Swedish and sports massage as well as Myofacial release and deep tissue.


Tracy is the massage therapist for TimeFlyZ Flyball Team and works with many sporting dogs from other disciplines to promote muscular health and improve performance. She also works with shelter dogs, those recovering from injury or that have an Orthopaedic issue and the ageing dog that is feeling the effects of old age.


Tracy worked within the dog section of one of the top animal charities in the country for over 14 years and during this time worked with the rehabilitation cases and was more recently the dog section staff trainer. Qualifying as a canine behaviour therapist in 2011 she uses her knowledge on behavioural issues when working with nervous dogs and ensures that they feel comfortable being handled during their tratments. Being able to interpret canine body language is an essential part of working with dogs and means that Tracy can recognise what a dog is communicating during massage as well as in training.


Tracy has been working with dogs for over 16 years and was fortunate to work at Wood Green for over 14 years. Dogs have always been an important part of her life and working with them both physically and behaviourally gives her a good understanding of what is required to help keep them be healthy and happy.


Tracy also hold a BTEC level 5 in Soft tissue injury and sports massage for people and works from 2 well established clinics as well as her own home clinic.